To Whom It May Concern, 

We are writing as concerned shareholders and investors of Nexstar Media Group, Inc.

We firmly believe that companies should be in the business of making a profit and should not use shareholder money to force part-owners of their company to fund agendas that they may disagree with. 

Based on our recent findings we see that you have used investor money to participate in at least one of the areas that we screen stocks for: abortion, pornography, lifestyle (LGBTQ agenda), human rights violations, and anti-family entertainment.

These actions and investments go against our faith and our worldview. While we do not expect all people to share our faith and values we do expect companies to prevent stakeholders from becoming default investors in these controversial issues. 

As a large group of Christian conservative investors, we are choosing to sell our shares in your company so as not to directly fund initiatives that go against our faith and values. As long-term investors, we will now look to invest our money into other companies in your sector of the industry, some of whom may be competitors of yours. 

It is our hope and desire that Nexstar Media Group, Inc. will choose to operate with excellence in what you do, and refrain from using shareholder funds to support any social agenda, whether this be liberal or conservative. 

Below are some of the specific areas where Nexstar Media Group, Inc. has failed our screening process:


Has formed a business relationship with LGBTQ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, and/or questioning) organization(s) or events. In an attempt to gain marketing and community relations opportunities, money, products or services are exchanged for corporate recognition for their involvement.

Chicago Fest Pride ( | 6/18/2023
Chicago Pride Fest (Sponsor) Celebration consists of a full month of festivities and events, culminating with the annual Chicago Pride Parade, which traditionally takes place the last Sunday of June. (2023)

Indy Pride ( | 6/10/2023
Indy Pride Festival (Sponsor) A not-for-profit organization that produces events serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) that include the Parade to educate and honor the history of the GLBT communities and celebrate the diversity of and between, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight communities. < Fox 59 (2023)

Utah Pride ( | 6/4/2023
Utah Pride (Sponsor) It is a celebration of hope to inspire a future without discrimination where everyone is free to be their authentic selves. The LGBTQ+ Pride events are meant to encourage, educate, commemorate, and celebrate our community. < Nexstar Media Inc. (2023)

Dallas Gay Pride Festival ( | 6/3/2023
Dallas Gay Pride Festival (Sponsor) Mission of the organizers is to present the positive image of the gay and lesbian community of Texas. Numerous events are held during the festival period. < KDAF The CW 33 (2023,2021,2020,2019)

San Diego Pride ( | 7/17/2022
San Diego Pride (Sponsor). Purpose of corporation is to produce civic, cultural and educational events, which support and encourage pride within San Diego’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. < KSWB-TV FOX 5 San Diego (2022,2020)

Honolulu Pride ( | 10/31/2021
Honolulu Pride (Sponsor) Brings together Hawaii’s diverse and vital LGBTQ+ community, our friends, families and allies. Two weeks of festivities celebrating our bonds of love, friendship and aloha. < Khon2 (2021)

Phoenix Pride Festival ( | 4/30/2019
Phoenix Pride Festival (Sponsor). Purpose of corporation is to produce civic, cultural and educational events, which support and encourage pride within Phoenix’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. < CW 6 KASW (2019,2018,2017)

Uses one or more methods to promote gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, or questioning lifestyles (LGBTQ). This may include advertisements or marketing campaigns targeted to those who choose alternative lifestyles, proudly display or boast being “gay-friendly”, and/or provide resources for the advancement of LGBTQ groups (meeting places, materials, etc).

Indy Pride ( | 6/12/2021
Parade Participant in Indy Pride Festival. Fox 59 (2021)

Chicago Pride ( | 6/30/2019
Parade Participant in The Chicago Pride Parade (Float/walkers) WGN TV (2019)

If you feel this information is inaccurate or may be changing, please contact us at

Thank you in advance for your diligent attention to this matter. 


Financial Issues Partners (signed below)

Edward Melville